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Marketing Analytics STORYTELLING

The Genius Award for Marketing Analytics STORYTELLING recognizes outstanding achievement in the use of data to tell an enlightening, visual story to support business goals and/or open up new opportunities.

Marketing Analytics Storytelling: Data alone is not meaningful. We create measurable value, however when we use data to tell an analytical story with a narrative that explains, visuals that enlighten, and insights that engage, we drive change in marketers' understanding of consumers, their brands, and their business. Great data storytelling combines data (of course), visuals, and a narrative that paints a picture, opens new doors, and drives results. What’s your story?*


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*There is no requirement to disclose confidential information. Numbers and labels can be approximated, made directional, or otherwise altered to preserve confidentiality. As part of our review, we will follow up for verification from a senior officer of you/your client’s company.