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Nomination and Entry Process

1. Choose the category or categories for which you wish to nominate a brand or enter your own brand.

2. Nominate a brand marketer 

3. To enter, begin by creating an account  

4. Once you’ve created an account, log in and fill out all questions for each category in which you’re entering.

5. Upload all supporting files.

*Google Chrome is our recommended browser

Here's a sneak peek at the Genius Awards entry questions you'll be asked:


Data & Analytics GROWTH

  1. To set the stage, tell us about a challenge your organization faced that led to the adoption of a data-driven growth plan?
  2. Which analytics solutions did you use and/or adopt to help solve your business problems and drive growth? What types of data did you measure success against?
  3. Which teams and/or stakeholders were pivotal to this growth and how?
  4. Detail how the implementation of analytics-driven approach was directly correlated with business growth and/or ROI, providing both qualitative and quantitative measures


Data & Analytics INNOVATION

  1. To set the stage, what was your business objective and strategy that required a new way of measuring success? What did you define as the outcome or KPI that you needed to measure and how did you lead the charge to introduce it and sell it in to your organization?
  2. What methodology did you design to measure it? Was it automated or manual? What made this approach innovative?
  3. Detail how this innovation drove results for your organization, providing both qualitative and quantitative measures.
  4. Which teams in your organization were most-notably impacted by this analytics-driven innovation and how?


Data & Analytics ADOPTION

  1. To set the stage, tell us the catalyst, challenge or problem that led to a rethinking of the way your organization uses analytics, including who in your organization led the charge.
  2. Take us through your processes: How and why did you choose the analytics solutions you adopted (and the right stakeholders to "own" them)? What organizational changes needed to happen to successfully pull of adoption?
  3. Provide details about how successful analytics adoption drove positive results for your organization, providing both qualitative and quantitative measures.
  4. What were specific pain points you surmounted on the road to a richer, more holistic analytics approach (including details about the specific products, services, and methodologies adopted)? For example, how did you get buy-in when every department has different KPIs?


Data & Analytics STORYTELLING

  1. To set the stage, what finding or outcome were you trying to convey with your data? What problem were you trying to solve and/or story were you trying to tell?
  2. What were your data sources and what activities, details, or insights were you trying to communicate? What system/workflow/approach did you use to tell the story/create the visualization?
  3. Which teams in your organization touched this project, what were their respective roles, and what were some growth-related results-expected or unexpected-of this collaboration?
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words: Show us examples of your story.


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NOTE: Only brand marketers can participate in The Genius Awards. Partners, vendors, and agencies can nominate brands and assist with the submission materials, but cannot enter directly.